Every human has individual and different characteristics, and the same goes for teeth! There are many unique features that make up each tooth within the mouth and these characteristics can be very difficult to translate accurately from the dental office to the lab. Using a camera setup specifically for macro dental photography and custom shade taking, our technicians are able to precisely examine the patient’s natural teeth for varying degrees of translucency, surface texture, colour depth and crack lines.

Our dental lab team includes highly skilled expert ceramists with years of experience working with aesthetic anterior and full mouth cases. Creating a beautiful, seamless and natural smile is not an easy task, and we are proud to say that our technicians do a very fine job.

Custom shading is a free service we provide to all patients. Our lab also provides custom staining services when necessary. Generally, shading appointments will take around 10-15 minutes from start to finish. Custom staining appointments can take much longer depending on the case.

Call us to book an appointment for custom shading today at 780-989-3483.